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Unlocking the door to your ideal life.

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Arrive exactly where you want to go.

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Passion. Connection. Relationship. Enhancement.

Giving people the means to live and love in a way that is IDEAL for them is my life’s work. Possibilities exist for everyone to design their ideal life. But moments of adversity, ongoing stress, depression, anxiety, loss, or events from the past can make it difficult to see this potential.

When we are troubled, sometimes our strategy is to just wait it out. We wait for luck, for the right people to show up, for our partner to adjust his or her attitude, or for the perfect situation to present itself. Unfortunately, that waiting just fuels the cycle of procrastination, resistance, and unhappiness. Time passes. Situations and relationships don’t improve. We remain stuck.

The irony is that opportunities actually do show up. We may just not have the proper perspective to recognize them because they sometimes show up as challenges, problems, or difficult people.

Your ideal life can be discovered by acknowledging opportunities and your potential with them. What we will create together is your own realistic view from the top. Think of our relationship as a partnership. We will work together to help you feel better.


Opportunities multiply as they are seized; they die when neglected.
Life is a long line of opportunities.

– John Wicker