Ideal Life meets Ideal Relationship

Ideal_Life_meets_Ideal_Relationship600We are compelled to seek relationships with others, it a natural instinct. However, we are also driven to know ourselves as individuals. This can create a tug-of-war, the yin and yang of coming together and needing to follow your personal path. Healthy couples have the ability to do this, it becomes a dance. It comes from knowing yourself and respecting your wants and needs and aspirations and respecting those same needs of your partner. Encouraging our partner’s growth is critical, even if what he or she is striving to do does not include us, trusting him or her to follow their dreams reinforces within the relationship that each partner can have what they want; a relationship and their own self.

When faced with change it may not feel as though you have any options, things may feel out of your control, you may become immobilized and overwhelmed as it feels like there are too many details and decisions that need to be made. A sense of urgency prevails. Read more